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FAQ's: Piano Consumer Resources

  1. 21+ Useful Gift Ideas for Pianists and Piano Lovers in 2024

  2. The Berlin Showroom for C. Bechstein Concert Grand Pianos

  3. C. Bechstein Grand Piano Factory Tour Experience

  4. Console Pianos vs. Upright Pianos: Which is Better for You?

  5. Why a Spinet is Different than an Upright

  6. How often you should need to tune your piano: Tuner Tuning Tips

  7. How to Quickly Sell a piano

  8. 21 Worst Piano Brands to Buy at a Bargain: Peer Reviewed

  9. Piano or Spinet?: 10 Quick Ways to Tell

  10. 7 Better Ways to Find a Piano Tuner Near You

  11. 10 Things to know about the Piano LifeSaver System

  12. 7 Things to know when locally buying a used Grand Piano For Sale

  13. How long does it take to tune a piano?

  14. Do you Tip a Piano Tuner?

  15. How Much Do Pianos Weigh? Grand and Upright

  16. How Wide are Pianos: Grand and Upright Dimensions

  17. How tall is a standard piano bench & Adjustable Benches

  18. How many strings a piano has and why

  19. How to tell if piano keys are made of Ivory or plastic (20 photos)

Bechstein Piano Resources

  1. Bechstein A2 Academy Upright Piano: Technical Review

  2. How to Calibrate Vario

  3. Best Things to Learn at the C. Bechstein Technicians Academy in Germany

  4. Bechstein Technicians Academy: Tonal Voicing Grand Pianos

  5. C. Bechstein Pianos: Action Parts and Piano Parts

  6. New Hammerheads from C. Bechstein: Piano Hammers

  7. 25 Tips on How to do Grand Piano Damper Regulating

Yamaha Piano Owners: Resource Articles

  1. Compatible USB list for Yamaha NU1X Hybrid Avant Grand Piano

  2. What is a Yamaha Gray Market Piano and Serial Number Lookup

Yamaha Technician: Resource Articles

  1. How to Update Firmware on Disklavier Enspire App

  2. How to Upgrade E3 / DKC-800 Piano Unit to DKC-850

  3. How to Update Software for Yamaha Disklavier E3/DKC-850

  4. How to Login: Yamaha Disklavier Radio on E3 / DKC-850 Pianos

  5. How to Setup Disklavier TV with a Yamaha Enspire in 3 Phases

  6. How to Download Yamaha Keyboard Software and Firmware Update

  7. How to Subscribe to Disklavier Radio / Yamaha Piano Stations

  8. Explained: Yamaha UD-WL01 USB Wireless Lan Adapter for Piano

  9. Quick Yamaha Disklavier DKC-900 Upgrade Manual Guide

  10. Japanese Yamaha Disklavier Piano is Randomly Stopping

  11. Can't Connect to the Disklavier App? Try these 15+ Things

  12. Blinking & Flashing Lights Error Guide: Yamaha Enspire

  13. 3 Best Ways to Connect a Yamaha Disklavier Piano to the Internet

  14. Yamaha Egnyte Login: Service and Owners Manuals/Guides

Yamaha Pianos: Technical Reviews

  1. GC1 vs GB1K Yamaha Baby Grand Acoustic Piano: Review 2023

  2. Piano Technician Review: Yamaha G2 Grand Piano

  3. Korg SV-1, Minilogue XD, and MicroKORG Keyboard Review

  4. Yamaha G3 Used Grand Piano Review with Facts 6’1”

  5. Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Piano Review: 2023

  6. Yamaha U1 Upright Piano: Technician Information and Review

  7. Best Yamaha Grand Pianos: CX Technician Review

Best Products, Services, and Education in the Piano Industry

  1. Best Professional Tuning Kit for Beginners

  2. Best Piano Service Supplies for Hybrid and Electronic Repair

  3. Best Way to Quickly Learn Spanish as a Piano Tuner

  4. Best Way to Fix Tennis Elbow Pain for Piano Tuners

  5. Best Audio & Visual Piano Recording: My Music Recorder App

  6. Best Piano Tuning, Repair, and Tech Service: NY, NYC, NJ, CT

  7. Best Hygrometer to Monitor Relative Humidity/Temp for Pianos

Attn. New Piano Tuners! Educational Resources/Opportunities

  1. How to Become an RPT in Less than a year

  2. FREE PTG Convention Admissions: Scholarship Application

  3. Expensive Cybertuner App: Getting Started with iRCT Tuning

  4. 2 Powerful and Easy Services to Make A Website as a Tuner

  5. Piano Tech Eric Johnson Teaches “Practical European Voicing”

  6. How to Repair Keytops with Acrylikey in 10 Steps

  7. How to Make the Best String Jig for Piano Tuning

  8. How to Clean and Whiten Piano Keytops: From Gentle to Abrasive

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