How to Download Yamaha Keyboard Software & Firmware Update

Kevin Busse Feb 09, 2024
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USB Flash Drive Software Update

As a Piano Technician, every so often I will have to perform the firmware update process on any given electronic keyboard from its previous version.

Whether it’s improving the playability, bug fixes, or new features, it is really simple to install a new update your Yamaha Piano with this short guide.

A refresher guide is always helpful, especially because firmware updates aren’t released very often; A software update using a thumb drive may be needed once every few years.

How do you update software/firmware for Yamaha keyboards and pianos? 

#1 Google the Piano model and add "Firmware Update" to your search query

On the Yamaha website, the latest version will be available for download.

Where to find the mode? What to search?

The model of the Piano can be found on the left or right hand side of the piano usually near the power button.

There is always serial number information underneath the keys (keybed) of the piano.

An example search could be “Yamaha CLP-709 Firmware Update.”

#2 Agree to the Terms and download the zip file onto the root directory of the USB Flash Drive

Download the data file, then move it onto an otherwise blank USB Flash Drive no larger than 64GB and formatted in FAT32.

*The flash drive should have nothing else on it, it should also have low gigabyte space.

USB Software Update

#3 Insert the flash drive while the piano is off, hold the Play/Pause or Play/Stop putton while powering on the piano

USB Software Update

This step will start the download process of the piano for most Yamaha digital pianos.

Generally, you may have to press "Play" to queue through to the next phase of the update version.

If you get lost, you can always check with the specific installation instructions provided by Yamaha Corporation of America at Yamaha Egnyte Login: Service and Owners Manuals/Guides.

#4 Wait for the update to complete/reboot

If stuck at a particular screen, press "Play" to continue. See the Manuals/Guides in the link above if you get lost.

#5 Turn off the piano when finished

Ordinarily, the piano cannot be played until this final step of turning off the piano is finished.

After the piano is turned on again, it should play as normal.


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