How to Update Software for Yamaha Disklavier E3/DKC-850

Kevin Busse Feb 08, 2024
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E3, DKC-800, and DKC-850 usb sofware update

A firmware update is needed to continue using the internet features of the E3(DKC-800)/DKC-850 especially when it has not had a firmware update installed recently.

For this Yamaha Disklavier System, use the control unit to update the software and restore the use of the internet again with your grand piano or upright piano.

It is not necessary to have a serviceman from an Authorized Yamaha Dealer in the United States to schedule an appointment to update a Disklavier. With a Tech-Savvy mindset, it is simple to update your piano and I will show you how (ios devices not needed).

The first time I updated the software for this system it was intimidating, however, these instructions I created with Noah Jolly make it simpler.

As you may know, the Mark III upgrades to the DKC-850; the Mark IV upgrade to a DKC900 does not need this particular update.

How to update software for Yamaha DKC-850 / E3?


  • Flash drive no larger than 64GB and formatted in FAT32.

You will need to:

  1. Download the "dkv_update.bin" file

  2. Move it onto an otherwise blank USB flash

  3. Properly eject the USB flash drive from the USB port

Software Update Instructions for an E3 (DKC-800)/DKC-850

1. ENSURE that the update program is properly prepared on the USB flash drive.

2. HOLD [Play/Pause] on the control unit and PRESS [On/Off].

E3 software update

The current software version of each module appears one after the other.

3. PRESS [Enter] on the control unit to continue.

The screen below appears.

DKC-800 Update

4. PRESS [Enter] on the control unit again.

After a while, the update confirmation message will appear for each of the 4 modules in a row.

5. PRESS [Play/Pause] to start the update of the 1st module (3 minute duration).

DKC-850 usb software update

While waiting, you will see the message below.

Disklavier DKC-850 usb software update

Once complete, the confirmation message for the 2nd module appears.

6. PRESS [Play/Pause] to start the update of the 2nd module (3 minute duration).

DKC-850 update

Once complete, the confirmation message for the 3rd module appears.

7. PRESS [Play/Pause] to start the update of the 3rd module (2 minute duration).

DKC-800 update

Once complete, the confirmation message for the 4th module appears.

8. PRESS [Play/Pause] to start the update of the 4th module (2 minute duration).

E3 update

The closing screen appears when the update for all 4 modules are complete.

Disklavier E3/DKC850 software update complete

9. RESTART the Disklavier

10. Finish!

Credits: Noah Jolly, a Yamaha Trained Technician, helped me create this simple guide for updating the software on an E3(DKC-800) and DKC-850 in order to use internet features like Disklavier Radio. He provides professional repair for a wide variety of analog and digital audio equipment. Reach him at his website


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