How Much Does a Piano Weigh? Grand and Upright Weight in lbs

Kevin Busse Apr 27, 2024
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Grand Piano Weight Chart

Pianos are heavy instruments that require proper handling and care during transportation. Damage is costly and amateur movers are injury-prone.

We'll discuss the different types of pianos and their weight range, from small upright pianos to large grand pianos.

Specifically, modern day Bechstein pianos is what will be emphasized in the examples below.

How Much Does a Piano Weigh?

476 Pounds/216kg: 3 Feet 9 Inches Tall

C. Bechstein A2

Bechstein Upright Piano Weight

Different Types of Pianos and Their Weight Range

There are different types of pianos available on the market, from acoustic to electric pianos. The main piano types are upright and grand pianos.

The upright pianos come in different sizes, such as the smallest vertical pianos or console pianos, typical pianos for home use, and the larger standard upright pianos.

On the other hand, grand pianos are categorized into different weight ranges, such as the baby and classic grand pianos, semi-concert grand pianos, and large grand pianos.

492 Pounds/223kg: 3 Feet 11 inches Tall

C. Bechstein A4

Bechstein Upright Piano Weight

The Best Way to Move a Piano

Moving a piano is not an easy task, and it's best to seek the help of professionals. However, if you're moving a small size piano, such as a spinet or console piano, with the help of strong people, you can use a piano dolly or a hand truck.

The first step is to remove the piano legs, pedals, and other removable parts and wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap for transport. Then, securely fasten the piano to the dolly using straps or belts and gently move it to the moving truck or your new home.

For larger grand pianos, it's a good idea to hire a professional piano mover or moving company to transport them safely and without causing any damage to the piano.

586 Pounds/266kg: 4 Feet 1 Inches Tall

C. Bechstein A6

Bechstein Upright Piano Weight

What do Grand Pianos vs. Upright Pianos Weigh?


  • Bechstein A2 - Small Upright: 476 lbs

  • Bechstein A4 - Standard Upright: 492 lbs

  • Bechstein A6 - Big Upright: 586 lbs


  • Bechstein L167 - Baby Grand: 699 lbs

  • Bechstein B212 - Medium Grand: 880 lbs

  • Bechstein C234 - Semi-concert grand: 963 lbs

  • Bechstein D282 - Large Concert Grand: 1,148 lbs

Are you planning on moving a piano inside or outside of your home? Or are you just curious how much pianos weigh?

In either case, it's good to know how much a piano weighs, especially if you are to move it safely.

699 Pounds/317kg: 5 Feet 5 Inches Long

Bechstein L167

Bechstein L Grand Piano Weight

The Overall Weight of the Piano

The weight of a piano is affected by several factors, such as the type of wood used, the heavy cast iron plate, and the size.

The heaviest part of a piano is the plate, which can weigh up to 500 lbs

Moving companies and professional piano movers use specialized equipment, such as piano dollies, hand trucks, and spare parts, to transport these heavy instruments over short or long distances. For larger grand pianos, a moving truck may be required to transport them safely.

880 Pounds/399kg: 6 Feet 11 Inches Long

C. Bechstein B212

Bechstein Grand Piano Weight

963 Pounds/437kg: 7 Feet 8 Inches Long

C. Bechstein C234

Bechstein Grand Piano Weight

1,148 Pounds/521kg: 9 Feet 3 Inches Long

C. Bechstein D282

Bechstein D Grand Piano Weight

What are things to consider when moving a piano?

Moving a piano is not an easy task, and it requires great care and proper handling to avoid damaging this expensive and delicate musical instrument.

In this blog post, we've discussed the different types of pianos and their weight range, from small upright to large grand pianos.

We've also shared some tips on how to move a piano safely, such as removing the piano legs, wrapping the removable parts, and using specialized equipment like piano dollies.

Remember that the last thing you want is to damage your piano during the moving process, so it's always a good idea to seek the help of professionals, especially for larger grand pianos!


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