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Kevin Busse

Hey, I’m Kevin Busse!

Thank you for being here!

A question I often get asked is:

Q: "How did you get into tuning pianos?"

A: "The inner workings of the piano sparked my curiosity."

That's all it took!

Here's how I came to learn about pianos and develop my expertise:

Kevin Busse Berklee College of Music

Kevin Busse Kawai Keyboard Academy

Kevin Busse Berklee College of Music Bachelor of the Arts Degree

Kevin Busse Dampp-Chaser Certified Installer Certificate

  • Attended Yamaha Piano Performance Seminar 2019

Kevin Busse Yamaha Performance Piano Service Seminar

Read from resources I've created: Yamaha Technician Resources

Kevin Busse Yamaha

Kevin Busse Bechstein Technician's Academy

Kevin Busse Bechstein Technician's Academy

Kevin Busse PTG Piano Technicians Guild

Here's some of my responsibilities:

  • Chip tunings, pitch raises, and fine tunings

  • Piano service appointments

  • Perform action regulation, voicing, and repair for grand pianos and upright pianos

  • Piano LifeSaver/Dampp-Chaser installations

  • Perform thorough inspections and evaluations of pianos to assess their condition and recommend repairs and maintenance

  • Piano Player System repair, upgrades, and expertise

  • Internet networking for Piano Player Systems

  • String replacements and part replacements

Kevin Busse at Faust Harrison Pianos

Occasionally, I utilize input from other tuners in peer reviewed articles, notes from masterclasses, or guest articles written by others. I'm grateful to have input from other technicians to bolster the quality of information on this website. I cherish the network of Technicians/Tuners that I have gotten to know over my years of working in this industry and find it hard to imagine a career better suited for me.

For my Alto Saxophone related website, check out KB Saxophone Lessons

...To keep busy during my studies at Berklee, I enjoyed spending time transcribing solos for Alto Sax as this was my primary instrument. I created hundreds of transcriptions whether it was a solo part/individual part/sheet music single for some of the best popular saxophone solos in the last 50 years. While I earn royalties from my hard work producing sheet music, Piano Technology is my bread and butter!

While It was enjoyable for me to work on sheet music on the side for Alto Saxophone, Piano, Band & Orchestra instruments, I found that it would be better for me to pivot to something new which turned out to be blogging all about pianos (and saxophone for that matter on another website of mine!).

Please reach out to me if you have any piano related questions using the contact form. Just like with many of my piano tuning appointments, I begin by asking, "Any questions about the piano?" So please, submit any questions that you have.

Otherwise, enjoy your piano, on my behalf!


Kevin Busse

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