Quick Login: Yamaha Disklavier Radio on E3 / DKC-850 Pianos

Kevin Busse Feb 08, 2024
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Disklavier Radio on E3, DKC-800, DKC-850

How to login to a DKC-850 / E3?

Find out how to login and do it quickly with this short guide.

DKC-850 control unit

Logging in to Disklavier Radio on E3(DKC-800)/DKC-850 Yamaha Disklavier Pianos

My Account on DKC-850 / E3

  • Select ==> "MyAccount" on the control unit screen.

  • You will see the screen: "Warning: Saving Account Login Info."

*This just means it will save your Yamaha MusicSoft username and password in the Disklavier so you won't have to login every time.

  • Use the [Down Arrow] to scroll down until you see "OK", and push Enter. 

DKC-850 and DKC-800 remote control arrows

Yamaha MusicSoft Account Information

  • Next you will be prompted to enter your MusicSoft account information.

  • Push the [Down Arrow] until the cursor is between the brackets next to "Email".

Enter your MusicSoft Email Address

  • Use the volume knob on the E3(DKC-800)/DKC-850 to select the first letter of your email address, then use the [Right Arrow] to move to the next letter. There are also symbols and lowercase letters if you continue scrolling using the volume knob.

  • Once you have completed entering your email address, use the [Down Arrow] to move the cursor into the "Password" field.

Enter your MusicSoft Password

  • Do the same process to enter your password. The password field is cAsE sEnSiTiVe. Once you have entered the last digit of your password, do not hit the right arrow, but hit the [Down Arrow] until you see "Submit" highlighted. Press Enter.


  • If the information was entered correctly, you will be logged into your Disklavier Radio account and will be able to access the premium channels of piano music. 



Noah Jolly, a Yamaha trained technician, put together this information for those who need help with logging in.

Professional repair for a wide variety of analog and digital audio equipment is what Noah specializes in.

Noah's website can be found at GroundGrownCircuits.Com

Having trouble connecting to the internet?

Most often, it is due to not having updated the firmware recently.

Therefore, it is necessary to do a firmware update for the Disklavier System using a usb flash memory/usb thumb drive by plugging it into the usb port.

USB flash memory and USB port

Learn how to Update the E3 / DKC-850 firmware in How to Update Software for Yamaha Disklavier E3/DKC-850

After updating the program, insert an ethernet cable/lan cable into the ethernet port OR learn the 3 best ways to Connect a Disklavier to the Internet.

Does the musical instrument not turn on?

Check that the unit is plugged into a live power outlet with the power supply turned on underneath the piano.

Often, the power supply must be sent out for professional repair, if not done so already.


To get the most out of your acoustic piano/musical instrument, get direct access to Disklavier Radio provided by Yamaha Corporation with a direct connection to the internet.

DKC-850 CD Drive

The CD Drive, built-in songs, and recorded piano performances are all special perks of DKC controllers. For more enjoyment, Disklavier Radio is the feature that people tend to enjoy most.

DKC-850 remote control


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