How to subscribe to Disklavier Radio / Yamaha Piano Stations

Kevin Busse Mar 16, 2024
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Disklavier Radio Home Page

How to Subscribe to Yamaha Disklavier Radio?

In 13 steps, get your Disklavier System access to more than just pop songs by Sarah Mclachlan within the "built-in songs," by quickly activating a subscription to Disklavier Radio.

After you have activated your subscription, you will be able to setup Disklavier TV video service to watch live piano performances from your living room & from your player piano.

Remember that purchasing music from "Yamaha Musicsoft" online store does not require a subscription to Yamaha Piano Radio.

1. Go to

View this website from your desktop or laptop because the print on the screen is quite small, especially when entering in your payment method and billing address.

It is worth the extra time finding your laptop or booting up your desktop so that you are comfortable during this process because it will take about 10 minutes of reading, entering information, and making sure you've filled out everything.

Yamaha Show USA Website

2. Select "Register" a new customer account

Before subscribing you must create a new account, otherwise you won't be able to subscribe directly from the Enspire Controller App (For Enspire) if you've skipped this step.

Save yourself the time and confusion by setting up an account first, this will simplify the whole process.

Disklavier Radio Register customer account

3. Enter in first, last name, email, password, and zip code

This next step is straight forward.

You cannot process until all fields are filled out and you agree to the terms.

*It is not necessary to select the box to "receive news about exclusive discounts, instrument updates and more from Yamaha"

Disklavier Subscription information

4. Click once to "Continue," which Registers your account

Have patience. If you pressed "Continue" it is likely that the account was created, it may need a minute.

Submitting the form once is enough to create your new account, the screen may not look like it has accepted the information yet it likely has.

Go on to the next step.

Disklavier Subscription account created successfully

5. Go to About Disklavier Radio Page

The location of this page is not always obvious, that's why I included a link so that it's easier to find.

Find out what type of Disklavier you have:

  • E3 / DKC-800

  • DKC-850 (Discontinued)

  • Mark IV (Older system)

  • ENSPIRE / DKC-900

Disklavier Radio Subscription page

6. Select Yamaha Disklavier Model: E3, DKC-850, Mark IV, ENSPIRE

Enter in which type of Disklavier you have in the selection drop down box.

Disklavier Radio select Disklavier Model

7. Select $19.99/month OR $199.99/year

You save $39.98 per year if you select the annual subscription rate of $199.99.

I recommend to select the yearly rate so that when you have an unexpected guest over you'll be able to show off Disklavier Radio, On Demand, and Disklavier TV set up properly.

Disklavier Radio Subscription Monthly $19.99 Yearly $199.99

8. "Log on" for returning customers

Since you have created an account by this point, login through the "Returning Customers" portal.

*I really hope that you remembered the e-mail and password you used when you created the account!

Yamaha Music Soft Returning Customers login

9. Enter Billing Address

You know the drill, be sure to fill out each field so that you are able to continue.

With patience, this page will work as expected.

Enter Credit Card information for Disklavier Radio subscription purchase

10. Confirm Subscription details

At this point, it is not possible to change Auto-renewal so you must confirm the subscription details before proceeding.

confirmation Subscription details for disklavier radio yamaha musicsoft

11. Enter Credit Card payment information

Using a credit card is the only way to use the Disklavier Radio service.

Enter credit card details for Yamaha Musicsoft

12. Submit Credit Card information after review

This is the final step of checking that all of the information is correct.

Once you submit your credit card information after this review, you will be charged the fee described.

Yamaha MusicSoft review credit card details

13. Order Complete

You will be shown this order receipt page.

You will also receive a thank you email to the email address you provided with a snapshot of a page that looks similar to this one.

Yamaha Musicsoft order complete

Turn off Auto-Renewal for Yamaha Disklavier Piano Radio Subscription

I sometimes get asked whether or not this is an automatically recurring subscription.

The answer is yes; when a subscription is activated for Disklavier Radio, Auto-renewal is automatically turned on for your convenience.

If you do not wish to have this service be a recurring charge, then please see the instructions for how to change this below.

1. Be sure you are Logged in here and find the "Turn Auto-Renewal Off"

Select "Turn Auto-renew Off"

Disklavier Subscription Settings

2. Review your Information

Review your information like your order and billing information one last time.

review billing information for Yamaha Musicsoft

3. Complete your updated preferences

Congratulations! By this point, you've successfully connected yourself to Disklavier Radio and have chosen against your recurring purchase, either monthly or yearly.

Disklavier subscription auto-renew auto-renewal


Now, you have instant access to piano songs on channels of 24-hour Disklavier Radio.

The Disklavier Enspire is the top playback system for reproducing pianos available in my opinion.

The optical sensor system enables state-of-the-art capturing of dynamic levels for piano performances in real time during exclusive performances.

The quality of sound for Yamaha Disklavier Pianos is incredible, especially when you land on the right song!


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