21 Piano Gift Ideas for Pianists and Piano Lovers: Best of 2024

Kevin Busse Mar 11, 2024
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Yamaha upright Piano

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. 

As a piano technician with over 10 years experience, I've had the opportunity to see many useful items kept by the piano player and piano enthusiasts.

I put together this list of gift ideas that will help you give the perfect gift. There are plenty of practical gifts and thoughtful gifts I've noticed through my years of piano tuning.

Here's my compiled list of the best useful gifts for pianists and piano lovers alike.

Piano Gifts

#1 Duet Hydraulic Bench

Hydraulic Piano Bench

The “cat’s meow” of piano benches is none other than the Duet Hydraulic Artist's Piano Bench.

This is an envy item amongst pianists, with which puts all other benches to shame.

Worn out benches in need of refinishing, hinge repair, and missing hardware are not worth the time and $ spent repairing, period. Therefore, it's a great choice if the piano bench is in disrepair.

Kevin's Preference: This bench comes without the annoyance of deeply sewn buttons commonly found on top of other padded piano benches.

The top surface of this Hydraulic Artist Bench is completely smooth which permits for zero contemplation for the pianist to deliberate over the best seated position for their posture.

This bench will perfectly facilitate all piano-related special occasions and gather 'round many piano enthusiasts.

Sizes: Widths include; Single, duet, or extra wide.

#2 Piano Transducer Microphone

Piano Transducer Microphone

This microphone was extremely easy to install, which took less than 15 minutes to strategically place.

The Transducer microphone sticks to the center of the soundboard which captures the main piano sound. All while being protected behind the beams of the upright piano.

Because it is a Transducer mic, I need not worry about properly mic’-ing each of the strings. Anything that excites the soundboard will be captured through this device.

Read more: Easy to Mount Piano Microphone for Upright or Grand

#2B. Rolls Mini-Mix VI

*The Transducer mic should be paired with this "Mixer" to increase control over the output quality of the sound.

Rolls Stereo Mini-Max VI

#3 Lego piano - Not so useful! ;)

Piano Lego Set

While not useful, (lol) this fun toy stirs a feeling of pure excitement for piano lovers! (I want one too)

I am planning on owning my own and writing a technical review as a Piano Technician/Tuner, myself. Stay tuned!

I've heard that you can play the musical notes by pressing the piano keys, which is great for the music lover.

I've wanted this Lego set ever since it came out and I'm not usually interested in building Legos!

*Technical Review of the Lego Piano coming soon. :D

#4 Piano Lamps for Uprights & Grands

My childhood home's piano lamp is in the photo for this upright piano.

It has only needed a lightbulb replacement once after almost 15 years of use!

It's simple, reliable, and just plain nice looking.

Upright Piano Lamp

After I received my lamp as a kid, I would turn the little knob to "click-on" the lamp each and every time I sat down to play the piano. It was a critical component to initiating practice time as well as prolonging piano practice.

Having a light directly over the music desk drastically improves the sheet music playing experience.

Maintenance: Occasionally, all that's needed is to replace the light bulb, which is rare. Sure beats feeling like you have to throw out any other lamp and buy a new one!

Any music teacher would be happy to see this useful gift on top of the piano.

Grand Piano Lamp

This is Quite popular!

The stunningly elegant, high quality, and sophisticated appearance must be why I frequently see this lamp on the highest quality grand pianos I tune.

Grand Piano Lamp

The wires to power this lamp are specifically designed for pianos so that the music shelf can be easily removed when the piano tuner comes to tune.

The lamp softly yet tightly cushions to the music shelf to hold it firmly in place. Once it's setup, you won't have to fuss around with the lamp due to the wires specifically designed to detach.

*In general, be sure you select the proper type of lamp depending on the piano you have (upright vs. grand).

#5 Piano Humidifier

Large Humidifier for Piano

What can I say?

Wikipedia: Piano Maintenance and Humidity

Most piano owners don't know where to start when it comes to getting a humidifier to maintain a piano in the winter.


  • 5.4 Gallon Tank = Least amount of re-filling

  • 3 style options

  • 2 year warranty

  • Intuitive to adjust humidity

  • Effective at humidifying up to 3,700 sq. feet

While the maximum square footage is A LOT, I regret to inform clients that anything smaller will NOT suffice. (9.5 times out of 10!)


  • The plastic case is flimsy, be careful!

  • It's large (MUCH better however, than small & ineffective)

  • Not completely silent; sounds like a fan when operating

Comes with different options as far as the finish goes...

Aircare whole house Humidifier copper night light oak burl

In it wintertime, Piano owners must have a humidifier to protect and preserve the condition of their piano for as long as possible.

35-50% Relative Humidity is the ideal range for an acoustic piano in a safe and stable environment, which is why this is so important.

Yes, 34% and lower or 51% and higher are levels that are strictly out-of-control and must be remedied.

Most piano owners I know mistakingly purchase humidifiers that are ineffective at keeping the humidity at an acceptable level for their piano. Please heed this recommendation.

In fact, I own this humidifier so that I could give it a try it myself and write a review. Read it here soon!

Large Humidifier for Piano maintenance

#6 Metronome

Piano Metronome

My childhood metronome is on beautiful display here in this photo!

Wittner Metronome Attributes:

  • No batteries

  • Simply wind-up the knob for hours of play

  • Elegant case style options

  • Real "click" for practice

A metronome like this is one of the most popular piano playing accessories.

Piano Metronome styles

While analog metronomes carry a risk of not being as accurate in tempo as a digital metronome, old-fashioned analog metronomes are a signature piece of equipment for dedicated students.

Afterall, the "beep beep beep beep" of a digital metronome doesn't provide the warm homely sound that one of these "real" metronomes provide.

Piano Metronome

It's a no brainer to have this metronome as another time-keeping option for students in piano lessons, which piano instructors would love too!

#7 Pedal Extender

Pedal extender for piano

I'll say it again... I wish I had this when I was a kid!

Piano pedal extenders are extremely useful for early students who would otherwise not be able to reach the pedals with ease and comfort.

Punk Pedal Extender styles

Often, if a student is unable to reach the pedals properly, then correct posture in comfort is impossible to maintain.

Best Piano Foot Pedal Extender for Kids: Review 2024

Piano teacher's generally discourage the use of the pedals for beginners, however, the large surface-area of the foot pedal box also serves to rest feet comfortably for growing piano players.

Resting feet properly better enables students to comfortably achieve better posture.

Pedal extender for piano

Simply, I think it's a great choice for growing musicians and something I wish I had growing up.

#8 Hygrometer

Extech Hygrometer

Most inexpensive hygrometers do not correctly measure humidity for the proper monitoring of humidity in the pianos home.

Accurately measuring humidity is crucial to prevent an unstable environment for the sake of preserving the condition of the piano.

Personal experience has taught me that cheap $8-$30 devices have been almost 20% away from the correct relative humidity reading in the room!

I work with a team of technicians who treat humidity readings seriously and are taken at the end of every piano tuning appointment. Our long-standing consensus remains that this hygrometer provides the most accurate readings, going from home to home.

Read: Best Hygrometer to Monitor Relative Humidity/Temp for Pianos

The Extech RHT510 is the hygrometer used at tuning appointments, which have been tested against calibrated psychrometers/hygrometers of all qualities, and in many different environmental conditions.

This device has remained a tech favorite and only requires that the batteries be replaced about once a year.

I highly recommend this device for those who wish to monitor the humidity of the piano room to better track when the humidity of the room becomes harmful and dangerous to the piano.

#9 Fallboard Lock

Piano Fallboard Lock

Often times, a major concern for customers is when rambunctious children come by and whack the life out of a piano.

Although I know that pianos are built to withstand the playing of energetic students, it's possible to knock a few notes out-of-tune which downgrades a perfectly tuned piano.

These fall board locks securely prevent anyone from playing the piano. It also acts to visually prevent people from touching the outside of the instrument.

#10 Pianos Inside Out by Mario Igrec

Pianos Inside Out by Mario Igrec

This legendary Piano book serves as a highly-regarded reference material book amongst the most talented technicians in the piano tuning trade.

Pianos Inside Out by Mario Igrec includes complete reference material for all aspect of Acoustic Grand & Upright Pianos.

If a piano player you know has any inclination to work on pianos, this resource book is one of the most widely acclaimed by professional piano tuners in the field.

Pianos Inside Out

This was one of the very first piano service books that I studied before I becoming a professional piano tuner.

It's the perfect gift to encourage a young technicians & help them branch out to others in the profession.

Includes in-depth knowledge concerning parts, tools, and best practices for the maintenance of pianos.

#11 Piano Tuning Kit for a New Tuner

Piano Tuning Starter Kit

Does someone you know frequently complain about the piano’s tuning?

This basic tuning kit is a great idea for those interested in “tweaking” the pianos tuning to prolong the condition of the tuned piano.

As a seasoned piano technician, I know that this tool kit is rather elementary. Although, it can mean a whole lot to someone who is just starting out or needs a little nudge in the right direction.

Kevin Klemm: The Best Professional Piano Tuning Kit Tools for a New Tuner

In the article above, my colleague wrote about how a Piano tuning starter kit helped him develop his skills in the piano tuning trade.

#12 Remote Humidity Sensor

Hygrometer Sensor Push Device

This fancy gadget has been shown off to me multiple times by piano owners who accurately record the humidity history of the piano room.

Piano owners love to brag to the piano technician/tuner how good they have been at monitoring humidity levels to keep the piano in the best condition possible.

While it may not be as accurate as gift idea #8, tracking humidity has to start somewhere, somehow, someway!

#13 Soundproof panels

Soundproof Panels for Piano

Often, piano owners wish that their piano sound should be dampened in a room that is too “lively.”

Typically, I recommend the hanging of tapestries or fitting foam under/behind the soundboard of the piano.

Soundproof panels are better at controlling the overall acoustic sound of the piano. 

These panels are effective to "hamper down" the echoes of live music in a living room or music studio.

Soundproof Wall Panels

Colors: The panels are available in various color combinations: charcoal, blue, orange, purple, green, and red.

Soundproof Wall Panels

Covering more surface area of the walls is what's necessary. Although, covering up too much can just as easily make the room sound too "dead."

Bottom line: It's a great gift, especially if YOU need a break for your ears!

#14 Scratch resistant & insulated piano covers

Grand Piano Cover

Sizes: 62 inches, 70 inches, and 78 inches

Full-fitted piano covers prevent dust, smudges, and scratches in the furniture from accumulating.

*Insulated piano covers like this are exceptional at maintaining the condition of the pianos tuning. I frequently recommend this to piano owners in the home.

The highest quality custom-sized Piano covers based on the make, model, and serial number of your piano can be ordered through Peter Creighton, at an authorized piano dealer.

Piano Cover Purchase inquries? Email my Colleague: Peter Creighton Email

*Tell ‘em “Kevin B.” sent you

Upright Piano Cover

Upright Piano Cover

Size: 47 inches tall

Again, the highest quality custom-sized Piano covers based on the make, model, and serial number of your piano can be ordered through Peter Creighton, at an authorized piano dealer.

Here is Peter's email: Email

Upright Piano Cloth Cover

This upright Piano lid cover is used to prevent scratches from decor placed on top of the instrument.

Upright decorative piano cover

Believe it or not, a lot of people have this simple piano cloth cover to protect scratches from decor on top of their pianos. How do I know? I have to remove it each time I tune the piano!

Prevent scratches due to picture frames, metronomes, and books.

#15 Slow close fallboard device

Piano Fallboard Slow Close device

Depending on the piano, the fallboard can *SLAM* shut without someone there to gently close it after each use.

Stop thinking of creative ways to slow down the speed of the pianos fall board and just get this inexpensive slow close device.

This device will give peace of mind to adults who don’t like the idea of the fall board slamming shut on the fingers of the piano player.

#16 Piano Keyboard stickers

Piano Keyboard stickers

Wow! Do I love this thing!

No need for sticky stickers mucking up the keytops (For me to eventually remove and clean off!).

Comparatively, this elegant keyboard note overlay shows the notes of the keys. Sharp vs. flat & note placement on the treble clef or bass clef.

The best part? It is easily removable in less than a few seconds!!

While it's been a long time since I didn't know which notes were which, I imagine this can be a very useful gift for beginner piano players.

#17 Piano ornament

Piano Ornament

This ornament gives a personal touch for the holiday season to any piano lover.

It's an obvious, yet thoughtful gift to those who love pianos

#18 Piano socks

Piano Socks

Socks are certainly useful and piano players need socks, too.

#19 Piano magnet

Piano Magnet

Fun gifts like these refrigerator magnets come in handy and add musical life to even a "fridge."

#20 Piano throw pillow

Piano Throw Pillow

If I were to have a throw pillow, I would get this one. I couldn't see myself having any other throw pillow as a piano tuner.


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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase.