Do You Tip A Piano Tuner? How Much to Consider When Tipping

Kevin Busse Apr 23, 2024
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How Much Should You Tip a Piano Tuner?

*As a piano technician, tipping has less to do with logic of actual work performed, but has much more to do with generosity/hospitality and macro economic trends.

Let's take a look at how much you should tip your piano tuner and why.

  • Most people tip $20 which is most customary.

20 dollar tip

  • The lowest tip is $5 to "Go get yourself a coffee."

5 dollars

  • The highest tip is $100, which is not normal, and only for exceptional extra work.

  • No tip is also acceptable; see below "Reasons why you shouldn't tip your Piano Tuner."

Reasons To Consider Tipping a Piano Tuner

Logical Reasons:

  • Poor condition of the piano

  • Urgent piano need other piano repairs

  • Additional piano parts required

  • Piano services at affordable prices?

  • Does the market lack liquidity? (Probably best to keep the money)

Sensible Reasons:

  • 'Tis the Season?

  • Personable & Professional tuner

  • "Living is Giving"

  • Always does a great job

I'll say it again, as a piano technician, tipping has less to do with logic of actual work performed, but has much more to do with generosity/hospitality and macro economic trends.

How hospitable should you be toward your Piano technician?

Many people care to foster a good relationship with their piano tuner and feel comfortable doing so, these people choose to offer additional amenities such as...

  • Water

Pour a cup of water

  • Coffee

Cup of Coffee

  • Guest Restroom

Not everyone has a guest restroom, but if you have one in your house, then highlighting where the guest restroom is in your home may be a nice gesture to the technician.

It is not always easy to find public restrooms within the distance between locations!

Guest Restroom

  • Breakfast bars

Breakfast bar

  • Cookies

Cookie on plate

  • Alcohol (Use discretion; for the record I have never accepted alcohol)

Alcoholic beverage

Why shouldn't you tip your Piano Tuner?

  • If the tuner refuses the gratuity at all

  • If you are aware the tuner works for a business that has a policy to refuse tips, gifts, and amenities etc.

  • If the piano requires additional work after initial visit

  • If you expect to have your piano tuned frequently (3 or more times per year)

  • If the work is not complete

  • Tuning a grand piano doesn’t make it more difficult than tuning an upright pianos in most cases.

Why Should You Tip Your Piano Tuner?

  • If the quality of service provided by the tuner was satisfactory

  • If the value provided by the tuner exceeds what was specified when the appointment was scheduled.

  • If you believe you are paying a low price for services

  • The piano is in better condition

  • For the service of older pianos

  • The flat rate / hourly rate for a basic tuning is low

Tipping the piano tuner is simply polite, and can help cultivate a positive relationship between yourself and the person who tunes your instrument.

Professionalism, experience, and knowledge are all invaluable assets for any pianist, so showing appreciation for this job is something that should be taken seriously.

Tipping also may encourager that your piano tuner will be eager to answer the next time you need assistance or advice regarding your instrument.

What extra work does a Piano tuner do for a tip?

*See "How Long It Takes To Tune a Piano."

Other extra service may include:

  • Voicing hammers

  • Soundboard Cleaning

  • Sustain Pedal adjust

  • Hammer rest rail adjustment (clicking)

  • Replacing/repairing complete parts

  • Loose pins

  • Broken piano strings

  • Guidance for humidity solutions (10 Things about The Piano LifeSaver)

The same applies if there were any parts that had to be replaced or if there were any unexpected issues during the process (which can sometimes happen).

It's important to note that tips are always optional; however, if you're happy with how well the person tuned your instrument then tipping them will help show your appreciation for their hard work and help cover their costs!

Why Tip Your Piano Tuner?

Piano tuning is a complex job that requires skill, experience, and specialized tools. This is assuming that most professional piano tuners spend years honing their craft and acquiring the necessary tools (more than just a tuning hammer) to do the job along with all repairs done properly.

After all, it usually takes many years for many tuners to become a skilled tuner.

For example, they usually charge quite a bit for their services - with some with a price to pay of $300 for one visit for a couple hours!

While this fee covers the cost of labor. materials, and hours used during the tuning process, it doesn't necessarily reflect the true worth of experienced piano tuners.

This is why tipping after you have your piano tuned is highly recommended.

Bottom Line about Tipping your Piano Tuner:

Whether or not you decide to tip or not it after your piano tuning, it comes down to personal preference; however, tipping is generally regarded as good practice in order to show appreciation for services and other related costs.

It also can help maintain an ongoing trust-filled relationship between both parties—which is essential given that regular maintenance by a professional is key for keeping any instrument in great shape!

Ultimately, how much (or even whether) you tip will depend on how satisfied you were with their work. (Can you hear the difference? Will it affect your playing?)

For those who own pianos and require professional help from time to time – don’t forget to thank them at the very least to show appreciation for how beautiful they made the piano sound through a couple hours of piano tuning.

Tipping a professional piano tuner is an excellent way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication in making sure that your beloved instrument sounds its best at all times.


Tipping your piano tuner $20 is customary and generally always appreciated, but never expected or required!

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