How-to Instructions for Dampp-Chaser Pads Replacement

Kevin Busse Mar 01, 2024
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Dampp-chaser pad replacement

What does the red “pads” light blinking mean?

Well, if you’ve already verified that you have sufficient water supplied to the humidifier tank, this means that you must replace the old pads with new ones.

With this guide, you may be able to replace the pads without hiring a Professional piano technician every time you need to change the pads.

How do you change the pads on a Dampp-Chaser?

To change the pads, I recommend you prepare a few items:

  • Small Garbage can

  • Paper towels

  • Scissors

  • Gloves (suggested)

  • Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Pads

  • 16 oz Bottle of Dampp-Chaser Piano Humidifier Treatment

The warranty of the piano life saver system is void in the case of improper installation of the system by a non-technician, which is different than normal maintenance.

Piano Life Saver System owners are encouraged to change the pads to renew humidifier pad life.

5-step Complete instructions to replace DC Pads

Damppchaser replace the pads

The blue “Pads” are high quality paper-towel-like inserts to wick water over a heater bar, which then disperses humidity throughout the inside of the cabinet.

For vertical piano owners, this is how it will look after removing the kneeboard. For grand piano owners, the humidifier tank is found below the soundboard and may be accessed with your hands.

After 1 year, the condition of the Pads will become less effective at wicking up water due to mineral build-up and will occasionally mold (especially if you don’t use the Dampp-chaser pad treatment each time filling the humidifier tank).

The pad humidifier treatment description states that it helps to wick water, reduce mineral deposits, and maintain a clean tank.

Regular tap water will contain more mineral deposits, although it is okay to use as a substitute for distilled water.

Step 1

  • Remove the old pads with gloves and throw them out in a garbage can.

  • Use fresh paper towels to clean up any mineral residue & water.

Piano Life Saver Pads maintenance

Step 2

Cut Dampp-Chaser Pads in half

  • From a new supply of pads, cut one leaflet in half

  • Be sure you have now created two pads that can be draped over the heater bar

Piano Life Saver Pads cuts in half

*If the pads were extra dirty, consider replacing the plastic sleeve over the heater bar. A new clean sleeve can be found in the package along with the humidifier replacement pads.

Dampp-chaser pads replace

Step 3

  • Drape the first pad over the humidifier heater bar/smart bracket so that the ends of the pads sit in the water bucket to wick up the water

Piano LifeSaver Pads replacement

Step 4

  • Place the second half of the Pads over the rest of the humidifier heater bar.

Damppchaser pads replacement

Step 5

  • Wait 5-10 minutes before the red light pads-indicator goes dark again

  • The humidifier tank should have been filled with water, measured by the watering can.

Whenever replacing the pads, it takes a few minutes for the system to recognize that the new pads have been replaced.

*The Yellow light will go dark first, followed by the red light.


Changing the Pads is as simple as that! Now, the piano can be put back together and everything else put away.


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