How to Setup Yamaha Disklavier Piano to Sonos Audio System

Kevin Busse May 22, 2024
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Sonos Port

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Are you looking to connect a Yamaha Disklavier Piano to a Sonos system without the help of a piano technician?

Unfortunately, additional components are required for the piano to connect to the home audio system.

A "Sonos Port" is the necessary item to connect a Yamaha Disklavier Piano to a Sonos Audio System.

*Please note that if you have an Enspire Classic, the piano sound will be the music from the real acoustic piano, not digitally reproduced through the Sonos/speakers. This is because these models do not have a silent bar. Background music will be the only audio playing through the speakers.

While I'm not a Sonos technician, I am a Piano Technician! I've helped many folks get their Sonos System connected to their Yamaha Disklavier. I know this will help those who have an Enspire or recently purchased a Yamaha DKC-900 Disklavier Upgrade Kit.

The Sonos Port with Sonos Aux Input

Sonos Port

How to Connect Sonos System to Yamaha Disklavier?

Connect from the CC Unit of the Disklavier (located under the soundboard).

Disklavier CC Unit

(Use the OMNIout, instead of the OMNIin shown in the photo)

RCA cables should be connected from the OMNI out RCA jacks going to the  Sonos Port.

Piano's OMNI out ==> RCA Cables ==> Sonos Port OMNI in

Sonos Port for Disklavier Enspire

Sonos App Settings

Sonos App

In the Sonos App, add your new Sonos port to your home audio system.

Select the input sensitivity control and set it around mid-range. Keep the volume fairly low and see how things sound.

Sonos Delay Settings

The audio delay creates a delay between your Piano and Sonos. This reduces the chance of audio issues occurring when your Piano is playing through the line-in audio, especially as part of a group of other accessories.

How to adjust Sonos Delay settings?

Using the Sonos app for iOS or Android, go to the settings tab and press System.

Choose the Sonos port which is using line-in. In the Line-in section, tap Audio Delay and then choose a delay option.

If it doesn’t permanently hold the desired delay setting, try again in a few minutes and it should work just fine.

Disklavier Enspire App Settings

Enspire Controller App

(Make sure the piano isn't in standby mode)

Select the Piano digital volume control and adjust it to 25% and see how things sound.

If you need the Sonos volume louder as background music, select 50% or greater on the piano output, first.

Sound Balance Settings

*With multiple volume level controls in this system, finding the sweet spot can take a few tweaks. Greater precision comes with time.

Sound degradation can occur if the output volume from the piano is too low and the input volume on the Sonos too high.

Yamaha Music Cast for use with Alexa

If you want to use Alexa, then it may be necessary to get Yamaha MusicCast instead of the Sonos Port.

*Keep in Mind…

MusicCast is not compatible with wireless speakers, receivers, and software from non-Yamaha brands such as HEOS, Play-Fi, or Sonos.


"Is the Disklavier compatible with the other Sound Systems?"

Yes! As long as the home audio system has some sort of analog/aux input, then connection to your home audio system is possible.

Questions?: Contact Kevin


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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase.