Yamaha Disklavier: How to delete cookies on a DKC-800 / E3

Kevin Busse Feb 09, 2024
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Yamaha Disklavier DKC-800 E3

Having issues with internet network connectivity or Disklavier Radio account recognition issues? Try deleting the cookies on your DKC-800.

This is something that should be tried only after first verifying the customer account on a computer, as well as updating the firmware/software of the Disklavier.

How to delete cookies on a DKC-800 / E3?

1. Start with the Yamaha DKC-800 Disklavier powered on.

2. Push the [SETUP] button on the remote control.

DKC-800 Remote Control

3. Use the [Right Arrow] button to navigate to the last page, the last option should be "Reset".

DKC-800 Remote Control

4. Select "Reset" by highlighting it and pushing [Enter] (center of the arrow buttons).

5. This will pull up the Reset menu. The default is "Reset=Parameter".

6. Use the [+/Yes] and/or [-/No] buttons on the remote to change it to "Reset=DeleteCookies".

DKC-800 Remote Control

7. Press [Enter]. It will ask to confirm, press [+/Yes]. 

8. Cookie Deletion Complete!

Other remedies to provide the desired end result…

If the process of deleting cookies does not resolve the internet or account issues, check the "proxy" field and see if there is anything in it. Even a "0" can mess it up.

If you clear the proxy field, restart the DKC-800, and it still shows a "0", then the only option is to perform a "factory restore."

*A "factory restore" requires backing up all files beforehand, because this process erases all memory.

Good luck!

Credits: Noah Jolly, a Yamaha Trained Technician, helped me create th article, "Yamaha Disklavier: How to delete cookies on a DKC-800 / E3." He provides professional repair for a wide variety of analog and digital audio equipment. Reach him at his website GroundGrownCircuits.com


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