Static IP: How Best to Setup TP Link with Yamaha Disklavier

Kevin Busse Feb 10, 2024
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Tp-Link N300 Nano Router

How to connect a Disklavier to a static IP?

This short guide demonstrates how to connect a static IP address using the N300 Nano Router through the TP-Link website.

If you have any trouble, the best ways to connect may be to call the IT guy or follow this short guide.

It's often tricky for some piano technicians to establish a stable internet connection with Yamaha Disklavier Pianos.

*If you believe your customer has a "normal" home router, then setting up a static IP is unnecessary. Setup the Nano Router in 'Client Mode,' which can be found in the paper instructions inside the box. For a walk-through with pictures, please refer to the setup instructions in section 3A of the 3 Best Ways to Connect a Yamaha Disklavier Piano to the Internet.

If the network is a bit more complicated, see instructions below:

1. Connect the Router

  • Connect the router to a power source

  • Connect the ethernet cable to both the nano router as well as the ethernet jack on the CC unit underneath the soundboard.

2. Connect to TP-Link Wi-Fi network

  • Go to the settings app on your iPhone

  • Click "Wi-Fi"

  • Select TP-Link Network (SSID)

  • Enter in the numerical password printed on the Wi-Fi Info Card or on the product label at the bottom of your router

3. Launch

Choose from Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari etc. and launch a new tab and enter ""

*Create a new password to log in.

4. Start Quick Setup

  • Click "Next" to start the Quick Setup

  • Select "Client"

  • Click "Next"

5. Select your preferred Wi-Fi network

  • Pick the Wi-Fi network you prefer (Usually the home network)

  • Click "Next"

*Networks are ranked by strength. Generally, it is best to connect to the strongest network, unless it becomes overcrowded.

6. Enter the Corresponding Wi-Fi Password

  • Type the Wi-Fi network’s password in the Password field

  • Click "Next."

7. Select “Static IP” for Lan type, give it an open IP Address, and confirm that the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway are correct.

  • To find an open IP Address, perform a ping and confirm there's no response.

  • Try to reach the "IT Guy" to assist with finding and entering this information

Avoid all of the addresses between -, since that's the default DHCP range.

*That leaves the ranges from and from wide open, which is usually plenty for most home networks.IP Parameters

8. Confirm that DHCP settings are Disabled.

DHCP Disable Enable

9. Complete the configuration

  • Click "Finish" to complete the configuration

and then your Ethernet-only device can access the internet.

10. Go to the Enspire Controller App

  • Confirm you are able to see the Piano in the iPad app

  • Once the piano is ON - Wait 3 Minutes and 30 seconds before expecting a successful internet connection

Now, you're all DONE!

*If, after all this the piano hasn't yet connected to the internet, proceed to #11.

11. Adjust Disklavier's Network Settings; if needed

If the Piano is unable to connect to the internet (ie. Play Disklavier Radio, On-Demand etc.), you will need to adjust the Disklavier’s network settings.

12. Select "Wired Network"

In the App, Click “Settings” ==> “Wired Network”

13. Select "Manual" DHCP

In the box that says DHCP open the drop down and select “Manual.”

14. Verify Correct IP

You can leave the IP address as long as it is in the correct network (

15. Then set the gateway, DNS1, and DNS2 (

Manual DHCP Setup

Now, your piano should be all set!

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