Disklavier TV: How to mirror your Android Device to TV Screen

Kevin Busse Feb 10, 2024
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Android Phone

How to mirror Android to TV for Yamaha Disklavier TV?

You must pair 2 ways for Disklavier TV to operate properly from your Android Device, ofcourse, after the preliminary setup.

Here's the best way to connect your Android phone/Device to the Bluetooth Adapter and your home TV.

Connect the Android phone or device to the Bluetooth Adapter

  1. Access "Quick Settings" on Android phone (swipe down from the top of the phone screen)

  2. Select “Connections

  3. Select “Bluetooth

  4. Under “Paired Devices” Select your Bluetooth Adapter/"Esinkin BT Adapter

*If needed, press the only big button on the Esinkin Bluetooth Adapter underneath the piano to activate “pairing mode.”

Connect Android Device to Home TV

  1. Access "Quick settings" on Mobile Device

  2. Select “Connected Devices

  3. Click “Smart View

  4. Select the name of your home TV

I hope that this helped you connect your Android Device to operate Disklavier TV successfully.

As long as you have the preliminary setup in place, this is the ultimate set of instructions to get you started with Disklavier TV.


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