2 Best NYC Piano Movers 2024: Professional Moving Services

Kevin Busse Jun 15, 2024
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Looking for the best professional piano movers of the Tri-State Area?

The best piano relocation companies in New York City continue to be in high demand due to their reliable routine-delivery for many of the most valuable pianos in the world.

The best piano movers have built their businesses over many years, primarily through word of mouth. Working with the best piano movers require advanced scheduling, premium prices, and provide the perfect move.

It's best to contact these moving companies either through phone or email.

Bates Bros. Moving and Trucking

Bates Bros Piano Movers

Bates Brothers has run their business all through “word-of-mouth” over their many years of experience. They also make a difficult job look easy!

There is no website for this piano mover because they have plenty of demand to keep up with. They are as busy as ever!

It's amazing to know that they don't have a website nor social media! Few can say that!

By the way, they only move pianos!!

Office Phone

(516) 379-1997

Office Email


Office hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 7AM - 3PM

Areas of service for piano moving

New York Tristate Area:

  • Westchester county

  • New York City

  • Staten Island

  • Queens

  • Long Island

New Jersey:

  • Eastern parts of New Jersey


  • Greenwich

  • Fairfield

  • Cos Cob

Piano Moving Costs

Moving costs vary depending on the value of the piano.

For example, it depends whether the piano has no value, sentimental value, or if it's worth $20,000+. In which case, Bates carry's insurance for pianos of significant value.

Each additional foot-step encountered when moving the piano adds $15. This amount also depends on the number of turns in the walkway.

Additional costs associated depend on if the piano has to be stripped and capped. This means to take the piano's legs off and wrap it up in protective coverings (rather than pushing it on a floor).


Bates carries insurance for pianos valued at well over $20,000, as an example.


With Bates, you can guarantee that all types of pianos are in good hands!

AUER's Moving & Rigging

Auers Piano Moving NYC

Office Phone

(212) 427-7800

Office Email:


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7AM - 4PM

Areas of Service

NYC & The Bronx

They do accommodate long-distance moves, but primarily work out of the city.



Piano Moving Costs

They charge a premium as they are the only movers in NYC to hoist grand pianos through the windows of high rises.


They are responsible for high end residential moving services, you bet they have insurance!


Aside from their piano moving services, they are capable of moving the most challenging items, household goods, and handling long distance moves.


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