Jetpage Review 2024: Website Builder for Affiliate Marketing

Kevin Busse Mar 04, 2024
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JetPage Website Builder

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. 

What is Jetpage?

Jetpage is a software service that bloggers use to build websites. It is an alternative to Wordpress.

I have now posted almost 100 blog posts on my Jetpage website having been a customer for 1 year. For the 2nd year, I will continue to use Jetpage as my preferred blogging platform to support my 4 websites.

If you haven't realized yet, this is a piano niche web page that runs on Jetpage web developer services.

I hope my unique perspective using this platform is useful for my target audience being piano tuners and anyone interested in using Jetpage.

Here's my review of Jetpage affiliate website builder since I've now worked with this service for 1 whole year.

Affiliate Marketing Millionaire sponsored by Jetpage

As a piano technician, I drive about 1,200 miles a month to service pianos. Meanwhile, I like to listen to podcasts.

I forget how I stumbled upon Odi Productions, but I know that I started listening to the Affiliate Marketing Millionaire since last November in 2023.

Affiliate Marketing Millionaire is the podcast that was sponsored by Jetpage. Through their sponsorship, I learned of Jetpage and began using the platform.

Affiliate Marketing Millionaire Podcast

Affiliate Marketing Millionaire Podcast on Spotify

Here is a link to the podcast. I have listened to each of the episodes and have listened to some of the episodes many times to get the mindset of professional affiliate marketers and set realistic expectations.

This Podcast includes input from Odi Productions & Kit Fatch who are successful bloggers with years of experience in Affiliate Marketing. So, I was drawn to it because I always like to have a side hustle that has a chance to make "Passive income." I consider it "my thing."

It's the type of podcast where they discuss topics at a pace I like and is a bit more relaxed.

By the way, ODi created a NEW discord chat with Mods to ask questions and get guidance along the way. It's basically like having an inexpensive mentor. It's only about $22 per month and I joined the group this February 2024.

Join us!

Jetpage Value Proposition

  • Fast load times

  • Professional-looking website

  • Technical SEO

  • SEO results

  • Email list capture

  • Ease of use

Why use Jetpage?

Besides the fact that it's the sponsor of on one of my favorite podcasts for this year, there are a few things that made Jetpage appealing to me.

Start-up Mentality

I can tell that they've recently had some rebranding from "Wzrd" and are passionate about improving the service which provides a customer like me with the opportunity to suggest changes as the platform grows.

It shows me that they are entrepreneurs in online business (sorta like me as a new blogger) and I find that appealing.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Jetpage is minimalistic which provides the fundamentals in terms of seo-friendly features to start an affiliate marketing website. It doesn't "sugar coat" it with unnecessary features that end up becoming distractions.

This simple website builder prioritizes a user-friendly interface for bloggers to focus on content creation, rather than on which plug-ins to use, or how to update their website, or make it faster.

I don't have to worry about speed or anything like that. I just get to publish the content I find to be important and useful primed for search engine optimization.

No distractions with "fluffy" features. It allows me to focus on what's important; publishing a great blog post, updating content, and building backlinks/internal links.

*This is all exactly why I like it, and why it appeals to me.

What's the benefit of using Jetpage?

Growth in Page Views

My first 1,000 clicks of organic traffic from Google Search were made within my first year on the platform.

Organic seo traffic has been my goal in addition to making content to make myself more effective as a piano technician.

Google Search Console Results

Towards the end of the year I began to see a resurgence in my Amazon Associates affiliate sales (which I only had earlier due to a saxophone Youtube Channel I made).

Amazon Associates Earnings

I also frequently monitor my Google Analytics to see how viewership is increasing etc.

Google Analytics Screenshot

So overall, the trends look pretty good and it has helped me with my piano technician/tuner work.

Though, it will require more time until it truly becomes a successful endeavor.

Manage multiple websites

I have a website for my piano technician/tuner world (this website), one for my saxophone playing, one for my brothers photography, a personal blog I haven't really started yet, and a website that remains in the "domain graveyard."

Jetpage Multiple Websites

Having all of these websites on one platform makes it seamless to switch back and forth between each site.

Quick, quality, customer support/chat

I really like how I can ask specific technical questions and get great answers from the team within a day or so. Sometimes even within the hour, which offers peace of mind.

All of the support chat are knowledgeable particularly about coding, websites, and affiliate marketing as a sort of foundation to their depth of knowledge, which is helpful when first getting started.

Jetpage Customer Technical Support

I've encouraged my brother to use this platform. Whenever he has technical questions I tell him to ask the support chat because they always will answer the question promptly and fully due to their technical expertise.

What features does Jetpage have?

While some of the appeal to Jetpage was that it cuts out most of the unnecessary "fluff" of owning a website. It has recently added some new feature that are useful.

At the top of the home page there is a space for customers to add their email.

Recently, Jetpage has added the functionality to be able to email your contact list like an email service.

I have not tried it out yet. I imagine that I will use it soon. For the first year, I didn't expect to use email, so it came at just the right time to start playing around with it.

Key Features I don't Use

"Ideas" AI Feature

Newly this year they came out with a generative AI blogging feature to help with content publishing.

Jetpage Ideas feature

Occasionally I may use this, however, I've gotten so consumed in coming up with relevant content with my piano niche website that I feel like I have plenty to write about off the top of my head.

I have used it before to help stave off "writers block" which can be very useful. I just find that I don't use it all that much.

Does Jetpage have an Affiliate Program?

Jetpage has an affiliate program for the average person who is willing to put in the hard work into their own website.

Affiliate Program login: Affiliate Login

The first step I recommend is to sign-up for Jetpage to try out the platform before haphazardly posting the affiliate links.

The extra cost of trying out the service first is the best way to attract potential customers to try out Jetpage based off of your own experience.

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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase.