Best SwissGear Work Backpack: Tool Bag Review

Kevin Busse Jun 15, 2024
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SwissGear Bag for tools

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This is the second SwissGear Tool Bag Backpack that I've owned.

In fact, it's the same exact backpack that I had previously.

The only reason I got a new one (same backpack) was because the main zipper failed after putting it through heavy zipping on a daily basis. I was a little rough with the zipper, but now I know not to force it and I think it will last a lot longer.

I like it because it has the modernity of a backpack with the portability of a toolbox.

Other than that, It felt nice to get a backpack refresh even though my previous backpack of the same kind had little/minimal signs of wear and tear.

Swiss Gear Tool Backpack

The side pockets are convenient for stuffing a tool roll like this Swiss Tools roll that I use for just about every job.

It's also convenient because I keep frequently used tools like this in a place for easy access.

SwissGear Tool Bag

In the pouch at the rear of the backpack, I store my Klein bags. These bags are filled with loose tools that otherwise don't have a great place to store in the backpack.

The bags are easily grab-able due to the zipper straps as well as the overall location of the bags.

Swiss Gear Toolbag

Whenever I'm removing one of the bags, I unbuckle the strap so that it's easy to remove or replace each bag with regular use.

SwissGear Toolbag Backpack

The left pouch is just large enough to hold another Klein tool bag. These heavy-duty bags were adopted from my previous tool bag setup because they've lasted over 6 years and just work!

Oddly enough, using the side pouches of this backpack like this has been the best use that I've come up with so far.

SwissGear Toolbag Backpack

This zipped compartment is large enough for one of my favorite leather tool rolls.

It's an easy way to stash some extra tools that also can't be placed on its own within the backpack.

Don't worry, we'll get to tools that can actually be placed inside the backpack in an organized fashion.

SwissGear Backpack

This top small pouch was meant for glasses due to the hard lining of the internal recess. So, keep in mind that it's available for use with glasses.

I've found this hard-shell pocket best for accessing small items that I need quickly, like business cards, flashlights, and other small tools.

SwissGear Tool Backpack inside

Here's the ample main compartment where you can see some  hand tools and work tools.

Some tools fit naturally into the provided straps while others don't! So, you have to be creative and take time to sort them out properly!

Show off your fully-loaded tool bag by leaving the back open on display throughout the appointment. It's a great way for your tools to get some air-time after all of your tool purchases! 

SwissGear Tool Backpack

The left side of the backpack is shown here where some supplies are strapped in, while others are sitting in pockets.

Tools sitting at the bottom of the bag are also thoughtfully placed because that's where they've found a home!

The hardened base of the backpack allows for tools to stand at the bottom of this backpack without much interference when on-the-go. Organization is maintained even while being thrown around during the day.

SwissGear Backpack for tools

On the right side, it's easier to see some of my supplies sitting at the hard bottom of the bag.

While this extra space may be better utilized, I've found that it's helpful to place random items that may otherwise not have had a good home.

SwissGear Tool Backpack

This wide pouch is convenient to place mutes and tools that are easy to feel around for.

Since I can't easily see the bottom of the pouch, it's best to put only mutes or tools that have a unique shape.

swissGear Tool Backpack compartments

Here are the pouches at the reverse side of the main compartment.

All neat and tidy!

Swiss Gear Backpack for tools

I place heavier duty tools in this compartment because the pouch is rugged, and I can see through the pouch to easier locate the tools I need.

SwissGear Tool Bag Backpack

Here's some sand paper that is stored quite nicely in the laptop compartment of the back pack.

Flat items can safely be stored in this part of the backpack, much like this sandpaper.

SwissGear Backpack for tools

Here I show how this portion of the bag can be unzipped to access tools like the sandpaper that I keep in my bag.

SwissGear Backpack Battery Pack

This pouch is for battery packs so that you may charge a mobile device on-the-go.

Personally, I've never used the charging feature nor have found it more convenient than a wall outlet.

SwissGear Backpack Tools Bag

The back says "airflow" behind the shoulder straps. I don't really think this has much of an effect. The bag I have weighs about 30 lbs. So, it doesn't allow the fabric to hold in a shape where there is any meaningful ventilation there.

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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase.