W. Hoffmann V2 Vision series upright: Piano review 2024

Kevin Busse May 28, 2024
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Hoffmann V2 plate

W. Hoffmann V2 Upright Acoustic Piano

Bechstein V2

This brand new V2 W. Hoffmann Vision Series piano has a polyester finish identical in quality to many other upright pianos with this finish, yet has a modern style.

It sits on the wooden crating pieces just near the feet because it had only just been unboxed as a brand new piano in the showroom.

Notice the pedal covers to protect the brass pedals from any scuffing before delivery.

Unlike many other acoustic pianos, the W. Hoffmann Vision V2 showcases its name on the front of the keyslip, visible while the fallboard is closed over the keys.

Bechstein V2 piano

Cabinet, Music Shelf, and Case Parts

The lid is propped open for both a louder and more intimate sound.

The fallboard above the keys is opened to showcase all 88 keys.

The music shelf/music stand is unique because of its clever design. Once the fallboard is opened to expose the piano keys, sheet music can then be placed on this furniture piece.

Hoffmann V2 piano

Interior of the cabinet: Hoffmann Upright Piano

Upon first glance, the parts of this small piano are compact, neatly organized, and colorful in nature.

While removal of all case parts are not necessary to tune the piano, I always like to look at a piano with all of the case parts open to reveal its craftsmanship.

Some of the features that I notice when looking at this picture:

  • Unique feet, found on smaller W. Hoffmann pianos and the Bechstein A2 from C. Bechstein Europe

  • Pedals that are quiet and operate cleanly

  • Easily removable/technician friendly mute rail

  • A laminated soundboard panels which exhibits a unique piano sound (also more resistant to large humidity fluctuations compared with spruce)

  • Tuning pin bushings for ease of tuning

  • Metallic pedal rods

  • Bechstein original hammer heads

  • Bechstein made action parts

One of the greatest benefits (in my opinion) of W. Hoffmann pianos is that the action plays superbly well and is comparable to Bechstein! Since Bechstein owns W. Hoffmann, I like to say that "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to action quality," which I think is a huge benefit for those interested in purchasing a W. Hoffmann musical instrument.

Hoffmann V2

The "Belly" of the V2 Upright Piano

The "belly" of the V2 is on display, showcasing its new construction.

I admire the craftsmanship when it comes to the scaling design. A simple way to think about this is to look at the shaping of the bridge(s) for both the bass section with copper wire and the tenor section with the plain steel wire.

A small detail to notice in this picture are the wing nuts in the trapwork of the pedals. These hardware pieces will maintain the proper regulation of the sustain pedal etc. due to its design (when properly tightened). The hardware will couple together locking into place its regulation as set by the piano technician.

The spring at the center top of the photo is typical hardware to secure the kneeboard underneath the keybed.

Hoffmann V2 plate

W. Hoffmann Model Name: "V2"

The W. Hoffmann V2 plate, tuning pins, and tuning pin bushings.

This piano has 6.9mm wide tuning pins, which were chosen to be implemented with the use of wooden bushings surrounding the tuning pin. The combination of this size tuning pin with bushings included has a preferable tuning pin feel in my opinion.

Excellence of german engineering

Notice how uniform the coils are surrounding the tuning pins. It's clear that whichever pianos are produced by Bechstein, they have an eye for perfection.

Hoffmann V2 action

Capo Bar and Artful Scaling Design 

Here you can see that the pressure bar and capo bar are one continuous curve (which I think has an artful essence). In many other uprights, the capo bar is not one continuous curve and does not have this artful essence.

The royal blue felt, solid brass action knob screws, and Bechstein made hammers & action parts are evidences of how the W. Hoffmann brand has been influenced by piano design from C. Bechstein.

Hoffmann V2 Hammers

Bechstein Hammers implemented in the Hoffmann

The hammers read, "C. Bechstein Germany," which are implemented in the W. Hoffmann V2.

Keep in mind, hammers are made to contain different woods to elicit preferred timbral qualities of the piano.

It's unique in the piano industry for a piano company to be able to produce their own hammers. While Hoffmann and Bechstein are a different make of piano, the greater ownership of these lines of pianos are the same.

Hoffmann V2 piano action

Bechstein made Action Parts in the Hoffmann

The action parts are illuminated in this photo.

The hammers, whippens, backchecks, hammer buckskin, hammer rest rail, keys, bushings, and bridle straps are all brand new parts designed and made by Bechstein.

The action is arguably superior to the Yamaha U series in quickness and lightness, offering great value for the money; Vision pianos being the most affordable piano on the market from Hoffmann.

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Hoffmann V2 plate logo

W. Hoffmann Logo

The W. Hoffmann logo reads, "designed by C. Bechstein."

The emblem of W. Hoffmann is exposed here in between the bass and midrange.

It's proudly and centrically located in an area that's most visible to piano technicians and anyone who opens the lid.

Hoffmann V2 piano keys

Vision Piano Series Case Style

The model name, "Vision," is inlayed on the left hand side of the key upstop rail.

See the sharp and crisp edges of the furniture, a characteristic of a new W. Hoffmann piano, which are made in the Czech Republic.

Hoffmann V2 keys

W. Hoffmann Lettering

The center of the key upstop rail has another inlay that reads, "W. Hoffmann."

The keys are orderly and perfectly shaped to a higher standard to support an even touch for sensitive pianists.

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